Leonid Slovin, upon finishing the Moskow State University, was sent as a professional lawyer to the Kostroma District. However, he discovered that he was much more interested in the work of an investigator. Therefore he started to work in the police force and very soon was appointed Head of the Criminal Search Division.

The mysterious murder of one of his friends, and a book which was written by another of his friends, were the main motives for Leonid Slovin becoming an author. He felt that someone else had to tell the true story about the cruel murder of his friend and the difficulties of its investigation. Over time Slovin became known for his stories based on real facts about airplane hijackings, the struggle against the Mafiosi and attacks on the banc's guardians, including those who were convoying cargoes, all of which were written from a perspective of someone with an intimate knowledge of all the details of the investigation process.

Slovin's first narrative, The such work", published in 1965, won the highest
award from the Writer's Union and the Ministry of the Interior in Russia in their competition for the best work about the militia. He also received a very favorable review of his second book, To Detain on the Dawn, published in 1969, by the Paris publication Figaro

This literary success enabled the author to end his "official" career in the police force. After the 20 years of working for the Criminal Investigation Division of the Great Capital Railway Station, he retired at the modest military rank of major. Soon after his official retirement, he was invited to join the well-known private Security-Detective Association "Lions", where he became the adviser of the President of a firm handling security and safety.

By this time Slovin had become very popular author of over twenty criminal novels. He became known as the innovator of a new genre within this literary division, now generally referred to as
"railway detectives". His novel The Dark Side of the Moon, was published in 1989 and sold 1,5 million copies . It told the story of the struggle against the so-called " Uzbek mafia", and was co-authored with George Weiner. It was subsequently published in 1999 by the Volk und Welt Press under the title "Mord und Opium", and was also included in the 1995 compilation known as Serie Noire ( "Black Series"), published by Gallimard Press in Paris, and titled " La fase cachee de la Lune". The mast famous books of Slovin which are published with a quantity of over 1 million Train is coming to a second way ( 1981), Without wrath and favoritism ( 1982) and The tough night score ( The Bullet-Proof Vests, 1991).

Since his immigration to Israel in 1995, Slovin has written several serial novels that contain the theme of the investigation of international Russian mafia activities being conducted by a Russian private detective abroad. Those novels are Game Shooting" ( 1996 ), Spiders ( " The War of the Roots", 1997), The Murder of the Jerusalem Pauper ( 1998), Cheer up! (" A Transit Death", 1998), Winners Without Luck… ( 1999 ), which was co-authored Zorrik Shokhin. In his latest novel, Heroin stars ( " Don't Address Me As Major!", 2001) published by the EKSMO Press in their Russian Bestseller Series, the author goes back to the subject of the familiar Soviet Railway Detective with its permanent hero - a private detective. .Slovin is also the author, and co-author with George Weiner, of eleven TV screen versions of his novels. According to the Russian Book Chamber, there have been over 12 million copies of his novels published over the years.






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